Irondequoit Bay Bald Eagles

This year a friend of mine asked me to identify a nest that he had come across while walking his dog. We met in the early morning at some woods down on Irondequoit Bay. As we entered the woods, you could hear the distinctive warning call of a Bald Eagle. Well as soon as we rounded the first bend, momma Bald Eagle flew above us at the canopy of the trees. She came in for a landing on the highest tree at the top of a hill right next to her NEST !

When she landed, we were able to locate the male because he started calling out. Soon he took to flight, and went out over the bay. Several minutes later, he came flying in above the trees right towards me. I was able to capture some images of him as he landed on a branch close by with a TROUT in his talons. I couldn't believe my luck. The first time I see a Bald Eagle nest, and I get this kind of show right in front of me.

Later that day, I contacted Mike Allen with the NYS/DEC, the Eagle Guru. Well Mike tells me that a little over 30 years ago, when they started monitoring Eagle nests in NYS, he was following 1 nest. This nest down on Irondequoit Bay is the 145th this year.The area around the nest has been blocked off, to protect the nesting pair, and hopefully their young.Since posting some photos from my experience in the woods, I have had many entries in my guestbook from people who have enjoyed the photos


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One entry that is most important is from Harlan Brody who is the president of Friends Of Irondequoit Bay

Here is the message

'My name is Harlan Brody, I am President of Friends Of Irondequiot Bay. We are an organization that is dedicated to protecting wildlife and the ecological integrity of the Bay.  

Our Organization first reported the nest to Mike Allen of the DEC and have been working with him to help protect the nest. Unfortunately, The area that the nest is located is heavily traveled by hikers, dirt bikes and photographers which puts the birds under a lot of stress. Daily stress will cause the birds to abandon the nest and the eaglets.

We installed a 7 ft tall snow fence on the North and South side of the nest and posted signs to help prevent people from disturbing the nest.We encourage all bird lovers to enjoy these photos. However, please do not try to access the nesting area. We have had a lot of trouble with bird watchers going into the area, despite our efforts. If you would like to get involved in our organization to help with future efforts or make a contribution, please email me at: 

Thank you. Best regards, Harlan Brody'

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