Irondequoit Bay Wildlife

This year I have spent a lot of early mornings at different locations along Irondequoit Bay. It is just amazing to me the abundance of wildlife that I have spotted and photographed. I live somewhat close to the Bay, and never really spent a lot of time exploring the area. This all changed when a friend of mine asked my assistance in identifying a nesting pair of birds. As it turned out these birds were American Bald Eagles.

The area that my friend brought brought me to is actually a park right on the edge of the bay that I never knew existed. Most of the time that I spent at the Bay was down near Sutter's Marina taking photos of birds out on the water.

Well since he showed me this area, I have ventured into different wooded areas along the Bay, and have come across quite a number of various wildlife that I never thought I would see. In the different seasons I have been able to photograph Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Green Herons, Black Crowned Night Herons, Killdeer, Sandpipers, Mute Swans, Turkeys, Deer, and the list goes on. I have taken so many photos that my hard drives are getting pretty full. My time is very limited on the computer, as I spend most of my free time taking the pictures. I hope to be able to dig through the photos during the colder months, and will be putting a lot more folders on my site as time permits.


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Thank You and have fun looking at the pictures - Upstate NY Waterfalls, Nature and Photography