Corbett's Glen Nature Park

Corbett's Glen Nature Park is a park on Glen Road on the east side of Rochester. Entering the park for the first time is exciting, as you walk through a historic tunnel that was constructed by the New York Central Railroad in 1882. Be aware that in 1972, Hurricane Agnes caused Allens Creek to swamp the bridge approaching the tunnel and the road in it, that Union soldiers guarded the first railroad trestle across this creek during the Civil War, and that President Abraham Lincoln's funeral train passed along these railroad tracks in 1865, on its way to Illinois. !

Follow Allens Creek as it tumbles over the first of three waterfalls in the Glen. The house in front of you (now a private residence) once belonged to Patrick Corbett, who farmed the Glen and charged church and civic groups a fee to picnic along Allens Creek. Be sure to note the small set of railroad tracks surrounding the house, occasionally you may see the children of the family enjoying a ride on their small scale train. As you stroll the path along the Creek, glance to your left to search for the crater left when Parson's Powder Mill exploded in 1849.

Be sure to walk around the entire park. Being only 17.7 acres, it doesn't take much effort. If you are daring, hike up the cliff next to the creek for a great view. There is a new walkway going through the marsh area. We are lucky to have this park, since Linden Associates wanted to pave the area for industrial use. People of the area fought it and won. Something to (briefly) think about while you admire the park.


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Directions to the park:
  • To reach Corbett's Glen Nature Park, turn on to Glen Road from Route 441 and park before the first curve in the road. Be sure to park in the legal parking area. Walk down the road and you'll see the tunnel. Head in and explore!

  • PDF Maps of the Park from - North , South

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